Friday, July 21, 2017

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Re: MacScripter migration

Nigel Garvey wrote:

Hi odomtech.

You're going great guns with this stuff. Every time I come back to the site, a few more things have been fixed or restored. Thanks very much!

I'd personally vote for a return to a slightly smaller font, but you'll have to average out the general reaction to it.

I bumped it down 1pt



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Re: MacScripter migration


yes that's exactly what I am seeing, just in a few areas though.

I agree, font size down 1 notch maybe just to see


great work  big_smile


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DJ Bazzie Wazzie
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Re: MacScripter migration

odomtech wrote:

Any older OS X please just search "clear my DNS cache" I don't have the correct syntax


dscacheutil -flushcache

This will clear the Directory Service cache which has nothing to do with MS hostname directly but it will also force the OS to dump all hostname settings and reload them.



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Nigel Garvey
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Re: MacScripter migration


1. The new daylight-saving time adjustment for displayed dates only affects post and edit dates. The page fetch date in the grey bar at the top of each page is still an hour out — eg. showing Thursday, July 13, 2017 on pages visited at around 00:40 on the 14th. I refreshed a page just before and just after 01:00 and the date changed to the 14th on the latter.

2. I'm still finding the text a bit large….




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Re: MacScripter migration

If we're voting, count one vote to keep the large text. But then, I run a lot of display real estate.

"Show all posts" is working now, which is great because I use that a lot to find code I remember from discussions I was in.

"Subscribe" links are still missing for me.

Thanks for all the migration work,

- Tom,

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