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Xcode 3 Unleashed

by Fritz Anderson
Paperback: 560 pages
Publisher: Sams; 1 edition (July 27, 2008)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0321552636
ISBN-13: 978-0321552631
Product Dimensions: 9.1 x 7 x 1.1 inches

Product Description
Apple’s new Xcode 3 is the most powerful Mac development suite ever created. In Xcode 3 Unleashed, renowned Mac developer Fritz Anderson has written the definitive guide to making the most of Xcode 3 to build any Macintosh or iPhone application.

Anderson leads you through a simple project that covers the entire Xcode 3.x development lifecycle. You’ll walk through building and debugging command-line tools, creating Mac OS X user interfaces, modeling data, localizing languages, compiling applications, and much more. Along the way, he introduces each of Apple’s remarkable development tools from the latest version of Interface Builder to Instruments—a powerful new tool for analyzing and optimizing your code.

Anderson shows how to manage your source code in any environment, whether you’re working solo or participating in a worldwide team. He thoroughly illuminates Xcode 3’s build system and shows how to make the most of Apple’s performance tools, led by the deep and powerful Shark statistical profiler.

Systematically updated for Xcode 3.x, this is a comprehensive revision of Anderson’s previous bestseller, Step into Xcode. Its breadth, depth, and practical focus will make it indispensable to every Mac developer: experienced programmers upgrading from Xcode 2 or migrating from CodeWarrior; UNIX/Linux programmers moving to Mac OS X; even new programmers.

Detailed information on how to…
Succeed with every stage of the Mac OS X application lifecycle
Make the most of Xcode 3’s core tools for editing, debugging, testing, and compilation
Get the most from new improvements to Interface Builder
Create robust applications using the Model-View-Controller paradigm
Utilize dynamic libraries and frameworks
Build Universal Binaries to run on both Intel and PowerPC Macs
Add Spotlight searchability to data files
Profile memory, I/O, graphics, and threading in real-time
Accelerate both your applications and your development processes
Leverage new improvements to the Xcode documentation system
Avoid header ambiguity, disappearing links, and other Xcode development pitfalls

Part I: The Life Cycle of a Mac OS X Application
Chapter 1: Kicking the Tires 11
Chapter 2: Simple Workflow and Passive Debugging 19
Chapter 3: Simple Active Debugging 29
Chapter 4: Compilation: The Basics 39
Chapter 5: Starting a Cocoa Application 47
Chapter 6: A Cocoa Application: Views 63
Chapter 7: A Cocoa Application: Controllers 75
Chapter 8: Version Control 93
Chapter 9: Property Lists 117
Chapter 10: Libraries and Dependent Targets 141
Chapter 11: File Packages and Bundles 153
Chapter 12: Unit Testing 167
Chapter 13: Creating a Custom View 181
Chapter 14: Dynamic Libraries and Frameworks 203
Chapter 15: Documentation in Xcode 221
Chapter 16: Using the Data Modeling Tools 243
Chapter 17: Cross-Development 267
Chapter 18: Spotlight (or, How to Build a Plug-in) 281
Chapter 19: Finishing Touches 301

Part II: Xcode Tasks
Chapter 20: Navigating an Xcode Project 331
Chapter 21: Xcode for make Veterans 353
Chapter 22: More About Debugging 373
Chapter 23: Xcode and Speed 395
Chapter 24: A Legacy Project 403
Chapter 25: Shark and the CHUD Tools 421
Chapter 26: Instruments 437
Chapter 27: Closing Snippets 461

Appendix A: Some Build Variables 475
Appendix B: Project and Target Templates 485
Appendix C: Other Resources 501

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