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AppleScript [Wiley Developer Reference Series]

Title: AppleScript (Developer Reference)
By: Mark Conway Munro
Publisher: Wiley
ISBN: 978-0-470-56229-1
Paperback ~ 624 pages
Published: May 2010

Part of Wiley's new Developer Reference series, this best-selling book is packed with professional secrets for designing and building automated solutions with AppleScript, the powerful, system-level scripting language built into every Mac.

Loaded with real-world tips and techniques, this guide includes best practices and conventions along with informative lessons. You'll advance your scripting skills to the next level under the direction of a long-time veteran of the AppleScript community.

* Covers AppleScript basics, language, and advanced solution design concepts
* Provides step-by-step lessons for designing and building automated solutions with AppleScript
* Written by a well-respected veteran of the AppleScript community
* Part of the Developer Reference series that focuses on enhancing the skills of professional Apple developers
* Filled with professional secrets, tips and techniques to help programmers increase their professional value
* Includes best practices, naming conventions, and much more

With the information you'll get from AppleScript, you'll become a better and more effective developer.

Chapter Summary

Part 1
Chapter 01: Introduction to AppleScript Programming
Chapter 02: Workflow Automation with AppleScript
Chapter 03: AppleScript Deployment Options
Chapter 04: Making the Case for Standardization

Part 2
Chapter 05: Exploring AppleScript Basics
Chapter 06: Getting Started with the AppleScript Editor
Chapter 07: Working with Text Objects
Chapter 08: Working with Numbers and Unit Types
Chapter 09: Working with Dates and Times
Chapter 10: Other AppleScript Data Classes
Chapter 11: Working with Lists
Chapter 12: Working with Records
Chapter 13: Logical Branching
Chapter 14: Looping
Chapter 15: Dealing with Script Errors
Chapter 16: Getting Started with Scripting Additions

Part 3
Chapter 17: Controlling Applications with Scripts
Chapter 18: Working with Image Events
Chapter 19: Working with Database Events
Chapter 20: Working with System Events

Part 4
Chapter 21: Using Subroutines for Non-Linear Programming
Chapter 22: Introduction to Open-Ended Programming
Chapter 23: Designing a Hierarchical Subroutine Structure

Part 5
Chapter 24: Introduction to Multi-Module Solutions
Chapter 25: Designing Open-Ended, Multi-Module Solutions

Appendix: AppleScript Web Resources

Mark Conway Munro is the president and founder of Write Track Media Inc., a company offering workflow automation and optimization services to Mac-based businesses. Since 1994, Write Track Media has developed innovative solutions that eliminate repetition and allow their clients to focus on their highest creative potential. Write Track Media has worked with companies in a variety of industries across the country including Adobe Systems, The Associated Press, BMG, Dreyfus, Entertainment Weekly, Epson, Kraftmaid, McCann-Erickson, The Miami Herald, MYOB, Nabisco, NASA, Nikon, Random House, Reader’s Digest, Sony Music Entertainment, and many others.

Visit Wiley's Developer Reference Series site.

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AppleScript [Wiley Developer Reference Series]

Mark Munro brings clear language and keen organization to the exposition of AppleScript. However, this book is more than an excellent reference guide to the AppleScript language, it is a passionate paean to automation and efficiency.

John Thorsen Jr.

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