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Sams Teach Yourself AppleScript in 24 Hours

Jesse Feiler
Published May 2, 2003
ISBN: 0672325187

Sams Teach Yourself AppleScript in 24 Hours offers a clearly written, well organized introduction to AppleScript. The book starts with running existing scripts, then teaches the reader to write simple scripts to create shortcuts and increase productivity on the Mac OS, then moves on to working with popular Macintosh applications with scripts.

    Posted on 2003-03-01 06:44:11 pm

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Tom McKenna
I'm a Guest just Snooping Around

Sams Teach Yourself AppleScript in 24 Hours

When this book came out, it was the only current book about AppleScript on the market -- so I bought it.

The book is a disappointment. The examples are weak, the explanation of various parts of AppleScript is anemic and the practical scripting advice is OK, but woefully incomplete.

If you are beginner looking to get a good grounding in AppleScript, this is not the place to start.

There are a number of places that would be better to start.

If you would like a fun book with lots of practical examples, consider AppleScript: The Missing Manual.

If you would like a book that goes through all of AppleScript and gives you exercises to reinforce what you learned, try Beginning AppleScript by Stephen Kochan.

If you want a huge book that covers every possible aspect of AppleScript, get a copy of AppleScript by Hanaan Rosenthal.

If you want to read an updated classic, buy and download a copy of Danny Goodman's AppleScript Handbook. Goodman does a tremendous job of making even the most difficult concepts in AppleScript seem simple.

If you like a challenge, set yourself up with a copy of Matt Neuberg's AppleScript: The Definitive Guide. There is no more thorough book on AppleScript -- it goes through every nook and cranny of AppleScript.

But please don't start with this book. You will be hugely disappointed.


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