Saturday, February 22, 2020

The Tao of AppleScript

Derrick Schneider, Hans Hanson
Published August 1994
ISBN: 1568301154

This was the first book on AppleScript ever published! A very complete, and natural introduction to learning AppleScript programming essentials, this book changed the way people use their minds, and their Macs! It's progressive structure helps to meet Mac users at any level. It shows readers how to automate simple and complex tasks and to add features to scriptable applications. The companion disk features precompiled AppleScripts and a few unique bonus utilities, written by the Authors. This book has a concentric format that allows you to learn as you build upon a very basic script, and take it to levels well beyond your imagination.

This updated bestseller is a complete, natural introduction to AppleScript programming essentials. Readers learn how to customize applications, automate tedious tasks, and create programs without having to use a complex programming language. "2 disks contain AppleScript, QuickTime, StuffIt Lite, ResMover, and other helpful utilities. Progressive structure meets the needs of any Mac user, regardless of experience. Professional instructions are mixed with practical examples for easy learning". Covers Version 1.1 for Macintosh.

    Posted on 1994-08-01 06:29:12 pm

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