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MacAcademy AppleScript Training

Released March 30, 2005

Learn AppleScript and how to create powerful software automation solutions with <b>MacAcademy Workflow Automation with AppleScript Training Download</b> from TECSoft. This HTML-Based training covers everything you need to know (and not what you don't!) in order to get started and be productive with AppleScript.
A no prior programming expirienced novice will learn the fundamentals of AppleScript, Finder and solutions for real-world automation of applications on the Macintosh Platform. This training reinforces AppleScript concepts with hands-on exercises that conclude with demonstrations of scripting concepts.
The training content also includes 12 hours of training, many QuickTime movies, 13 hands-on exercises, lots of demostration examples and trial version applications. The HTML-Based interface is easy to use and includes tracking the scripters progess through the training. Much, much more.

MacAcademy also provides a <a href='http://www.tecsoft.com/applescript_training/download/HTML_Preview/index.html' target='_new'>HTML Preview</a>.

    Posted on 2005-03-30 01:54:34 pm

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