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Mac OS X Technology Guide to Dashboard

Danny Goodman
July 5, 2005
Printed: 9x7 softcover, 233 pages, ISBN 0-9744344-7-7
eBook: PDF, 228 pages, ISBN 0-9744344-0-X

World-renowned JavaScript and Dynamic HTML expert, Danny Goodman, shows you how to leverage your HTML, CSS, and JavaScript experience into innovative Dashboard widgets for Mac OS X Tiger. Numerous widgets and examples are described in the book, demonstrating key Dashboard programming possibilities.

Dashboard is home to widgets: mini-applications that let you perform common tasks and provide you with fast access to information. With a single click, Dashboard appears, complete with widgets that bring you a world of information: real-time weather, stock tickers, flight information and more, instantly. Dashboard disappears just as easily, so you can get back to what you were doing.

Danny Goodman is the author of numerous critically acclaimed and best-selling books, including Mac OS X Technology Guide to Dashboard, Danny Goodman's AppleScript Handbook (Mac OS X Edition), The Complete HyperCard Handbook, JavaScript Bible, Dynamic HTML: The Definitive Reference, JavaScript & DHTML Cookbook, and Spam Wars. He is a renowned authority and expert teacher of computer scripting languages and has been deciphering high-tech for non-geeks since the late 1970s.

A SpiderWorks Exclusive!
Save hours of troubleshooting time with Danny Goodman's Dashboard debugging tool, The Evaluator -- included free with the book! The downloadable companion files also include several ready-to-run widgets and handy code templates for one- and two-sided widgets that will speed your Dashboard development.

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