Wednesday, February 26, 2020

AppleScript for Dummies

Tom Trinko
Published December 1995
ISBN: 1568849753

The Macintosh is famous for its ease of use, but use AppleScript to automate tasks and customize applications and you'll boost your productivity by leaps and bounds. AppleScript For Dummies puts the power of this user-friendly programming language right in your hands, with practical, easy-to-understand tips on... Where to get and how to install AppleScript (it's free with System 7.5 and later versions of the Mac OS) Using AppleScript to automate tasks in programs such as Word, Excel, and FileMaker Pro, as well as the Mac OS's Finder Arranging applications to work together to accomplish complex tasks Controlling applications that aren't even scriptable Taking advantage of tools that make composing AppleScript programs easy and fun Finding additional AppleScript information on the Internet and elsewhere

Plus, as a bonus, AppleScript For Dummies features a handy, pull-out "cheat sheet" for you to keep at your side for quick reference as you write your own AppleScript programs.

    Posted on 1995-12-01 07:41:16 pm

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