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AppleScript : The Missing Manual

Adam Goldstein
January 1, 2005
ISBN: 0596008503

Applescript: The Missing Manual is another in the Missing Manual series published by Pogue Press/O'Reilly and Associates. This latest addition for Applescript continues in the humorous user-friendly approach to fill-in where the in-adequate manuals are not. The book is written by Adam Goldstein, contributing author to Mac OS X Panther Edition: The Missing Manual (FileVault, journaling and Disk Restore).

From newspapers to NASA, Mac users around the world use AppleScript to automate their daily computing routines. Famed for its similarity to English and its ease of integration with other programs, AppleScript is the perfect programming language for time-squeezed Mac fans. As beginners quickly realize, however, AppleScript has one major shortcoming: it comes without a manual. No more. You don't need a degree in computer science, a fancy system administrator title, or even a pocket protector and pair of nerdy glasses to learn the Mac's most popular scripting language; you just need the proper guide at your side. AppleScript: The Missing Manual is that guide.

Brilliantly compiled by author Adam Goldstein, AppleScript: The Missing Manual is brimming with useful examples. You'll learn how to clean up your Desktop with a single click, for example, and how to automatically optimize pictures for a website. Along the way, you ll learn the overall grammar of AppleScript, so you can write your own customized scripts when you feel the need.

Naturally, AppleScript: The Missing Manual isn't merely for the uninitiated scripter. While its hands-on approach certainly keeps novices from feeling intimidated, this comprehensive guide is also suited for system administrators, web and graphics professionals, musicians, scientists, mathematicians, engineers, and others who need to learn the ins and outs of AppleScript for their daily work.

Thanks to AppleScript: The Missing Manual, the path from consumer to seasoned script has never been clearer. Now you, too, can automate your Macintosh in no time.

    Posted on 2005-01-01 05:20:41 pm

#1 2005-08-05 01:44:33 am

Ian Johnston
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AppleScript : The Missing Manual

An excellent book for those who need to get to grips with Applescript quickly. I found the useful examples and tightly written text just what I needed to get to the heart of my questions. It is full of very useful tips and "one liner" gems that other books don't necessarily tell you.


#2 2005-11-09 03:07:55 pm

Craig Smith
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Re: AppleScript : The Missing Manual

Excellent book for those just wanting to start off in Applescript.  Extremely well written, especially considering Mr. Goldstein was a teenager when he wrote it.  This book will teach you all the necessary basics of scripting to get started, and it will do so quickly and effortlessly.

Craig Smith



#3 2006-05-10 09:15:30 pm

Kevin Bradley
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Re: AppleScript : The Missing Manual

I found this book to be a great overview of Applescript's capabilities with explanations that make difficult subjects clear and simple.  I especially liked that Goldstein covered the "listen for" command of the speech recognition server, something that is often glossed over. 

The writing style is simple and clear, with a dose of humor here and there to keep it from being dull and boring.  I highly recommend this book for anyone wanting to learn scripting or wanting to "brush up" old skills.

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Re: AppleScript : The Missing Manual

As an absolute beginner, I read this book and enjoyed it.  I would not recommend it, however, for an absolute beginner.  It lacks the repetitive structure and practice that a person new to applescripting needs in order to learn how to write one's own scripts.

That being said, it is a good book, full of useful examples and some pretty neat scripts.  It would be a useful second book to read while trying to learn applescripting.



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