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MacScripter, LLC is a for-profit organization with the goal of evangelizing the Applescript language to every person in the Mac community. Meeting this goal through the maintenance, development and distribution of free content, MacScripter relies on public donations and advertising to fund our projects.

MacScripter provides the necessary resources to create and distribute Applescript centric content including ScriptWire, unScripted, ScriptBuilders, Automator Actions, Scripting Additions, Applescript Sourcebook, MacFreelancer and the Applescript Forums. The content of these sections is provided to the public free of charge.

Since 1999, MacScripter was hosted freely by MacServe. As MacScripter grew, the bandwidth MacServe could provide was limited to the extent it impacted serving the website. To remedy this limitation, in 2005 we purchased a new xServe rack and moved our server to the co-lo. Since this time, MacScripter has incurred monthly costs for co-location and bandwidth.

In the past, we relied solely on donations to fund hardware updates and domain name purchases. As a practical consideration, we made the decision to support banner advertising. In April 2006 we went live with MacFreelancer, as a service to connect those who require development beyond what our current sections provide.

How your donation will help:

Your contribution can make a huge difference. Our unprecedented growth in traffic and content requires regular hardware updates, bandwidth costs, rackspace within a colocation center, purchase of MacScripter's domain names, and software development, all without sacrificing functionality.

Donation methods:

1) Donate securely online with PayPal by clicking the link below. One-time donations do not require a PayPal account.

2) Advertise with us! We offer shamefully low, but incredibly cost effective plans, with an easy to use, buffet styled system.

3) Support ScriptBuilders, Automator Actions and Scripting Additions. If you're a shareware author, consider purchasing a sponsored link to cover the cost of our serving the binaries for you.

4) You can donate via regular mail to MacScripter at the following address:

MacScripter, LLC
17 Robins Nest
Lake Dallas, Texas 75065

Please make the check payable to "MacScripter, LLC"

If you donate outside the U.S., please use an international money order or a check payable on a U.S. bank, to avoid collection costs. Sending a foreign check (or any other draft drawn on a bank outside the U.S.) may involve processing fees exceeding $50.

International money orders payable in the U.S. are available in post offices in many countries, and will ensure your complete donation goes to MacScripter. Please do not send currency through the mail.

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Thank You! Your support will go towards making MacScripter a better resource. If you have any questions regarding donations, advertising, or suggestions, contact Ray Barber.
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