Wednesday, December 7, 2022

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Posting Guidelines

If you are new to this forum, we understand you may not be able to phrase your question well because you don't know the terminology. One great feature of this bbs, however, is that we're interested in attracting new scripters; we won't flame you, but you probably won't get an answer if we don't understand your question. In short, help us help you by following this simple guide.

The very best way to get a response is to obey these short, but fundamental rules:

Search First: Use the search button. Your issue may potentially have been covered previously. We also urge you to search Code Exchange or the AppleScript FAQ. The idea you're looking for may already exist.

Think It Through: Take some time to look over exactly what the parameters are; the filenames involved, and the specific issues you're experiencing. A well thought out post whose words are carefully chosen will get more response than a frantic cry for help that only the person posting can understand. In short, be sure you list out what it is you want to accomplish.

If you need help with a script, you should post the overall goal as well as the piece you're trying to work out. If you have already written some script but can't get it to work or compile properly, don't hesitate to include it. No one here will sneer or laugh; you'll get corrections or questions.

Choose An Appropriate Forum; Post to the appropriate forum category. Forum Categories are clearly marked.

Give Your Topic A Proper Name: Be descriptive of the problem. The Topic is what everyone sees first, so ensure you name it appropriately! Telling us you're new to AppleScript, or naming your topic "Can this be done?", "HELP!" or "911" doesn't help us help you. It will even reduce the chance of someone replying to your post. It's much better to ask: "How do I ...".

Posting Etiquette; It is considered proper etiquette to make use of the scripting centric features this BBS provides. When posting code, always ensure you compile in your editor (if possible), click the AppleScript BBCode button and paste your code between the brackets. The system will natively render it, as well as automatically generate the Applescript Protocol link for others to use. Aside from making your code easier to read, it expedites the process of helping solve your problem.

Treat Others As You Deserve To Be Treated: We have strived to provide an environment conducive to scripting; where everyone can enjoy an excellent community of wonderful people; who have a genuine desire to give back to the community by helping you. Please treat others as you would want to be treated. This is a zero-tolerance board. Flames or slamming someone for posting code, which they have genuinely felt worthy, is never tolerated and most likely will result in suspension.

Proffer Your Project: This is important. Once you have found a solution to your issue, given your GUI polish, and engineered a Read Me which fully describes your project, we urge you to post your script to Code Exchange as a formal solution. At the very minimum, post a full 'fixed' solution back to your thread. By doing so you're coming full circle by giving back to the community which helped get you there.

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