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generate random CIF

This handler return a random spanish "Cost, Insurance and Freight" and is easily adaptable to create a CIF validation routine.

OS version: Any


property letrasCIF : "ABCDEFGHKLMPQSXZ"


on generateRandomCIF() -- A1234567M
   set numCentral to (random number from 1 to 9999999) as string
   if numCentral's length < 7 then -- añadir ceros
       set x to numCentral's length
       repeat (7 - x) times
           set numCentral to "0" & numCentral
       end repeat
   end if
   set sumaDePares to 0
   repeat with i from 2 to 6 by 2 -- pares
       set sumaDePares to sumaDePares + ((numCentral's item i) as integer)
   end repeat
   set sumaDeImpares to 0
   repeat with i from 1 to 7 by 2 -- impares
       set temp1 to ((numCentral's item i as integer) * 2) as string
       if temp1's length > 1 then
           set temp2 to (temp1's item 1 as integer) + (temp1's item 2 as integer)
           set temp2 to temp1 as integer
       end if
       set sumaDeImpares to sumaDeImpares + temp2
   end repeat
   set temp3 to (sumaDePares + sumaDeImpares) as string
   set temp4 to 10 - (temp3's item 2 as integer)
   if temp3's length > 1 then
       set temp4 to 10 - (temp3's item 2 as integer)
       set temp4 to 10 - (temp3 as integer)
   end if
   if temp4 = 10 then set temp4 to 0
   set DCisNum to (random number from 0 to 1) = 0
   if DCisNum then -- generar el dígito de control como número
       set DC to temp4 as string
   else -- generar el dígito de control como letra
       set DC to mayusculas's item temp4
   end if
   letrasCIF's item (random number from 1 to letrasCIF's length) & numCentral & DC
end generateRandomCIF

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