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new one

:DHi All

Today I have installed OS 10.4 with Automator on my system. I have never worked on it, just seen a demonstrator of it on the apple site.

There are few questions in my mind which are as under, can any one answer those:-

1.    How can I add application rather than default. Like Quark, InDesign etc.
2     How can i add an action in any application or it is default.
3.    Can I call an action through my applescript program.

These three question in my mind after navigating 2 hr of Autommator. Rest all I will put after some time if I will found.

Thanks & Regards



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Kevin Wolfe
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Re: new one


Welcome. Automator is even more simple than it looks. Usually.

1. Some apps add actions of their own, so you might want to make sure all apps on your Mac are current. You'll find more actions here at MacScripter's Automator Actions. From Automator's File menu choose Import Actions.

2. Actions are usually written to work with specific applications. The app must be installed on your Mac for the Action to run. Some actions can automatically convert information type.

3. AppleScript and Automator speak the same language. As a matter of fact many of the Automator actions were written with AppleScript. You can call up applescripts in Automator with the Run AppleScript action from the Automator library.

In AppleScript "execute WorkflowNameHere" will run your workflow. You can also add and remove Actions form a workflow with AppleScript. Run the dictionary from the AppleScript Editor for more.




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