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Kevin Wolfe
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Automator fixes in 10.4.3

Automator got some major service work in the OSX upgrade released yesterday. The most important note is that all the Find and Filter actions now seem to work without checking the Show Action When Run option when saved as an Application or Plugin. Here's a list of fixes, though not necessarily everything:

- Ask for Confirmation Automator fix
- Fixed issue with Create Archive Automator action
- Fixed issue with Import Audio File Automator action
- Fixed issue with Automator and Workflow documents saved as a plug-in
- Fixed Automator 'Show Action When Run' and clipped win??@$!! issue
- Improvements to Automator Framework
- Fixed Automator issue where missing actions may cause a problem
- Fixed issue with 'New QuickTime Slideshow' Automator action
- Fixed issue with 'Find Finder' Automator action
- Fixed issue with Automator and Spotlight action Show When Run window
- Fixed issue with the Automator action, Copy Finder Items
- Fixed issue where Automator may not find GIF or PNG file types
- Fixed Automator issue where Rename Finder Items may not rename non-ASCII
- Fixed Automator action issue when downloading files from a web page
- Fixed problem where Automator action Scale Images may not scale to correct
- Improvements to Automator Converter
- Improvements to Automator action - New iCal Events
- Improvements to Automator action - Create Archive
- Improvements to Automator action - Build Xcode Project Automator
- Improvements to Automator action - Connect To Server
- Fixed Automator issue where Rename Finder Items did not prepend '0'
- Improvements to Automator action - Import Audio File
- Corrected issue with sorting and viewing Automator actions
- Fixed issue where deleted Workflows in Automator would still appear
- Fixed problem with Automator and one step workflows
- Automator Cocoa Action improvements
- Fixed issues with the Automator ColorSync profile action
- Fixed Automator action - Print Keynote Presentation




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