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Keystrokes, Menu Events via script?

My name is Tom, and I'm a recovering OneClicker.
Easy Script spoiled me with its ability to capture all Keystrokes and to record Menu Events. By the latter, I mean selections from "File", "View" and so on from the Menu at the top of the screen. This was especially helpful for those items which did not have built-in key commands since once you had them in a OneClick script you could then assign your own key commands to them.
Since moving on up to OS X I have been trying to create Applescripts which will trigger these commands with the idea of then placing these Applescripts onto DragThing Docks.
I've only met with limited success. Just the ability to script key commands reliably in OS X would help me a lot.
Capturing menu events has been even more elusive for me. I have tried using MenuEvents OSAX in OS 9 and then employing those results, but they frequently will not work in OS X.
I realize that many of the queries here deal with much more esoteric efforts, but can anybody point me to some way to get these basics accomplished?
For example, what is the difference between addressing scripts to "System Events" rather than to the Finder?
Are there OSAX for OS X (try typing that quickly X times) which I could be using?
And why is the Finder not recordable in OS X? Shouldn't that be the first thing Apple should have included in Applescript for the system?

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