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Adding droplet functionality to existing Xcode app

I'm currently stuck on an issue that I am hoping you guys can help me with. I have an application written in Applescript-ObjC that I would like to be able to open archives on drop, just like an Applescript droplet. I already have the droplet script ready to go, but I don't know how exactly to implement it to make it work. Adding  "on drop" and "on open" (not at the same time, two different tries) to the main script did not do anything. I can get it to open by adding "*" within Xcode to the document types that my application can open, but I get an error message:

"This application cannot open *insert extension here* files."

That's how far I've gotten with this. Any suggestions? Need more information? I work nights, so I may not be able to get back to you right away if you post during the daytime. Thanks for any help you can provide!




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Re: Adding droplet functionality to existing Xcode app

I only have a minute here, so I can't answer in detail. I searched for this post that I remembered from a while back. See if this helps:

If not, there are a few other posts on the site if you search for "adding droplet" or something like that. You might find your answer.



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