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Application with interactive elements


Is it possible to have elements such as text frames in an ApplescriptObj-C application that can be selected by the user and moved around? Kind of like a stripped down version of Interface Builder or pretty much any graphic application? I have searched for terms such as draggable elements, interactive etc but not getting much information on the topic.

I have built an ASOC application already that has a preview window where formatted text appears over a user-selected background. There are also rules/options governing text fitting and moving. The application allows customer service to quickly mock-up what printed labels look like, and then the application passes off the final design as XML into an Adobe Illustrator workflow.

The current setup though is very specific to one brand and project, and I would like to be able to configure some basic rules about text position. i.e place a text frame and wherever it is dragged to becomes its primary position, then move it and set its new position to position2. I think I can work out the management of rules, but I cannot even think how I would get started with an object that can be moved by user input (I would prefer it wasn't all driven with x & y text fields - that would be a lot less usable)

If not available to ASOC, would it be possible through some ObjC kung-fu?

Thanks for any and all suggestions


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