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Table Help required

Good Morning. I need some help! lol! big_smile I've been looking at the "Table" example AS script supplied with the OS, and it's great. I've modified it a little to see if I can understand how it works, and I do understand some of it.

I've also looked at the drag and drop script too, and I get how that works as well.

I think I might need to combine both things to get what I want, however, I want to check if anyone has anything like this already.

So, what am I after?

Basically, in an ideal world I want a table that I can drag and drop files over and it will display their name and path, then be able to drag things around to reorder them, very much like the "Login Items" window in System Preferences Then export this data to a file.

So, does anyone have any code to do this?



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