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Font Switching

Anybody got a guide for how to create an easy switch between fonts? I need to insert Greek in an English text and it's bulky to go to the sidebar each time. Wondering if there's a way to set up a key stroke that will change fonts?

Thanks in advance.

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DJ Bazzie Wazzie
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Re: Font Switching

First of all: Welcome to MS!

I see it's your first post so here some advice. To help you in the best possible way we can we need context or at least a premise of your problem. I honestly don't even know what you're asking. Try this:

1 - Tell the application, processes, libraries or and/osaxen you're working with.
2 – Try to talk us through the problem from the beginning till the end.
3 - To give point 2 a better understanding show some example code you have tried so far, even if it doesn't work.
4 - At last try clarify what you know, how far you are in the process and what your goal is to achieve.

For now your question leaves me with more questions.



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