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Adobe Acrobat Pro XI Mouse Click

Hi Guys,

I am using Mac OS X "Yosemite" - Version 10.10.5, Adobe Acrobat Pro XI - Version XI, Script Editor - Version 2.7.

I would like to make a mouse click in the Option Button of Tag Panel in Acrobat XI.
After a long Googling I get the below script which describes UI Elements, Groups, Button, Radio Button etc., of the Application Window.

Googled Script


tell application "Adobe Acrobat Pro"
   set allButtons to {}
   tell application "System Events"
       tell process "Acrobat"
           with timeout of 0 seconds
               set tElements to entire contents of window 1
           end timeout
           repeat with i in tElements
               if class of i is button then set end of allButtons to contents of i
           end repeat
       end tell
   end tell
end tell

The Below line are which I need.


get class of menu button "Options" of group 2 of group 2 of group 1 of group 1 of window "ABC" of application process "AdobeAcrobat"
       --> menu button

How to make Mouse Click on this Option Button?

After Clicking the Option Button, I would like click in the pop up window.

Thanking You

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