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Ray Barber
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Farewell to All

At the time I started MacScripter, I never thought that I would be the one writing my own retirement speech.  But the time has come.  I will be transferring MacScripter to Mark Alldritt, CEO of Late Night Software, and the creator of the venerable Script Debugger IDE. This transfer will happen immediately.

Created specifically for Applescripters and the scripting community, MacScripter has always been the best place to get your scripting related issues addressed by a terrific group of people, who have formed a community which is tough to match anywhere else. Anyone can register and post questions free, find and sort posts to commonly asked questions, and pick the brains of a community of scripters ready to help.

It is here that I owe so much to those few who have supported us, as without them MacScripter would have never flourished.  I want to personally thank Greg Spence for helping me get MacScripter off the ground. We both spent countless hours brainstorming in the effort to implement just the right resources. And so many thanks go out to those who have offered support to MacScripter directly, and most importantly the scripting community. The list is so long, it would require a novel to include all of them. But I feel I need to highlight Adam Bell, Nigel Garvey, Shane Stanley, Sal Soghoian, Bill Cheeseman, Martin Michel, and countless others. I love you guys!

You will be in great hands. Mark plans to keep MacScripter more or less as it is. The site will continue to be a place to discuss topics related to macOS automation in a technology and product agnostic environment.

Thanks to everyone and happy scripting!

Signing Off,

Ray Barber

Ray Barber
Admin | MacScripter



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Re: Farewell to All

Hi Ray,

thank you very much for all your effort to manage this website. MacScripter is the #1 source to find help and solutions for Mac automation.

I joined the site 12 years ago as an automation enthusiast to improve my knowledge by studying solutions of real scripting artists and to help other people and I hope that Apple will continue to support automation in the future (iOS Siri shortcuts might be a good sign).

I wish you all the best and have a good time

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Re: Farewell to All

Hello everyone,

My name is Mark Alldritt and I'm really excited to be your new host at  Ray and I have known on another for many years, and I'm pleased to be able to keep his work with MacScripter going into the future. 

MacScripter is a key piece of the macOS automation landscape and it needs to be preserved.  I would suggest MacScripter is second only to Apple's own AppleScript-Users mailing list.  I was searching around for MacScripter references and was amazed and the shear number I found.  MacScripter articles are quoted in almost every place macOS automation and AppleScript are discussed.  With over 175,000 posts, the amount of collective knowledge housed in MacScripter is massive. 

I sense we are at a point where automation of Apple products is seeing a resurgence.  The release of Shortcuts in iOS 12 suggests that Apple has become serious about automation on its mobile devices.  I feel this change will spur people to look for more opportunities to automate their Macs as well.  All of this represents a great opportunity for MacScripter to grow and become relevant to a new audience.

MacScripter will remain independent.  I want to preserve MacScripter as a resource for anyone trying to automate their Mac


Mark Alldritt - Late Night Software Ltd. |



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Nigel Garvey
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Re: Farewell to All


Thanks for starting MacScripter nearly twenty years ago (!) as the friendly, go-to resource it is for scripters of all ages and abilities. And thanks for keeping it going all this time! I know it's been more a labour of love than a great money spinner for you. And now you've felt the need to concentrate on other things, I'd like to thank you too for not letting MacScripter just die, but ensuring that it continues with the same ethos in equally committed hands.

All the best for whatever you do in the future. Take care.  smile


Hello, welcome, and thanks for agreeing to take on the running of this site! It's both reassuring and an honour that a major figure in the Mac scripting world, who's also an expert in Web site and fora hosting, has agreed to provide a home for MacScripter. I'm sure we're in good hands. Hope you enjoy our company.  smile




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Re: Farewell to All

Great job! Been reading every day for years and years! Good luck in whatever comes next! -k



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Re: Farewell to All

Thank you so much Ray for everything and good luck to your future! I only stumbled about this post, otherwise you would have been flooded already with thank yous wink

Also a very big thank you for you Mark to take it on! Best wishes!



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Re: Farewell to All

Thank you Ray for all your work on the site over so many years. It's been, and remains an unparalleled resources for scripters!

Thanks Mark for taking up the reins. Let's see where this site goes!




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Re: Farewell to All

Thank you, Ray, for this great site.

And thanks, Mark, for keeping it going.

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Re: Farewell to All

I can only Chime in, a great forum for getting to know how to really use Applescript, I was here as a novice years ago, had a break,, and now I am back as a layman wink
But getting it day by day!

Cheers Ray, and cheers Mark!



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From:: Belgium
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Re: Farewell to All

Oh! Thanks a bunch, Ray, for this forum and all you did!
And welcome, Mark, to your new role on this forum! Thanks ahead for all you'll do!




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Mr. Science
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Re: Farewell to All

Thank you Ray! You changed the world!!!! big_smile

"Fail and fail until you fail to fail!"   ~



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Re: Farewell to All

Ray, I apologize for the beyond-belated but fully deserved comments here but, I've benefited from your passion and vision - as well as from some key contributors (Stefan, Nigel "The Date Man", Shane) over the ages (it seems) and collectively you've saved my "bacon" countless times. Over the span of my Mac-and-by-extension-AppleScript-centric career, there have been a handful of brighter stars in the internet "heavens", has definitely been one of them. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

And Mark, Thank You for stepping up to ensure this star continues to shine bright!

Rick Pepper a.k.a. sldghamr

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