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Is there a way to avoid Mojave app interaction security question?

First; I should note that I'm not sure if there is a "correct" forum in which to ask this question, because it affects all Mojave scripting projects that try to control other apps.

I'm scripting an app that opens a set of various types of files in their default app and resizes/positions the window in an overlapping layout. I can activate the apps and open the files, but setting the bounds of an open app in Mojave results in something like the following:

“Filename and List Handlers.app“ wants access to control “TextEdit.app“. Allowing control will provide access to documents and data in “TextEdit.app“, and to perform actions within that app.

This is no surprise. I've seen this type of message even with some commercial apps and fully understand that it is part of Mojave's enhanced security features. However; having to "say" Ok to the control of each new app (the first time) has a negative impact of the user perception of the script.

Is there an approved way to "pre-authorize" specific interactions or open the files with a particular size and location without triggering this security feature?



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Shane Stanley
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Re: Is there a way to avoid Mojave app interaction security question?

No. Script Editor has special permission to do this, but no other app has.

Shane Stanley <sstanley@myriad-com.com.au>



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