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Cannot hide/show windows programmatically

Hello everyone,

I'm transitioning some scripts I have written from AppleScript to AppleScriptObjC and I'm having trouble working with showing/hiding windows.
One of the scripts I'm trying to move over is really long and I'm replacing a few of the dialogs with more complex windows created in IB however I'm having trouble. Basically I need to click a button on one window (mainWindow) that will trigger a new window to show (or a dialog) and the mainWindow should hide and another function should be called. I can get this to work by connecting the window to the button in the IB and the orderOut but this doesn't run my code, it just hides the window. I also managed a function to be called when the button is clicked and show a dialog programmatically but not a window, and cannot hide the main window.
The error I get is:

[AppDelegate displayButton:]: missing value doesn’t understand the “orderOut_” message. (error -1708)

The example below (if it worked) would help me understand how it works and the syntax used however I haven't managed to make it work.


use Framework "Foundation"
use scripting additions

script AppDelegate
property parent : class "NSObject"
property mainWindow : missing value
property isShowing : 0

on applicationWillFinishLaunching_(aNotification)
-- Insert code here to initialize your application before any files are opened
end applicationWillFinishLaunching_

on applicationShouldTerminate_(sender)
-- Insert code here to do any housekeeping before your application quits
return current application's NSTerminateNow
end applicationShouldTerminate_

on displayButton_(sender)
if (isShowing = 0) then
set isShowing to 1
mainWindow's orderFront:sender
set isShowing to 0
mainWindow's orderOut:sender
end displayButton_
end script

Can anyone point me in the right direction?
Shane already told me that the syntax to orderOut is orderOut:sender instead of orderOut_(sender)



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Re: Cannot hide/show windows programmatically

The error you're getting — missing value doesn’t understand the “orderOut_” message — tells me that the property mainWIndow is never getting set with a reference to your window object. Either the window is not loaded when the displayButton routine is called, or the window is not connected to the property in the xib.

Though I am a bit confused: if mainWindow is the window being referenced by the button, what window is the button in?



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Re: Cannot hide/show windows programmatically

Hello TedW,

Thank you very much for your reply, it was what I needed, I checked the Delegate and I hadn't connected things correctly. After doing so, it all worked out, so it is now resolved.

Regarding your confusion, before posting the code I had the first window with the button in it as mainWindow and the other window as just "window", I went and changed that to "mainWindow" while posting the question to see if it can hide itself like I want to do in my actual script (and the function opens a new window which has a back button that brings it back).

I'm used to working with window handles (in Windows and AutoIt) so I didn't know that lots of things take place in the IB.

Now I know smile



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