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Help with OneNote Font Color Script

Hey everyone, i'm very new here so I apologize ahead of time if i'm doing anything wrong.
I went through the search results and couldn't find anything pertaining to what I am trying to do.
I am trying to make a script through Keyboard Maestro or Better Touch Tool to allow me to change font color.
So as I have it set right now through a macro on KM; I can for example, press 'option+command+O' and it pastes a styled text onto my document. The style being Font Color Orange. and when i'm done typing whatever i needed in orange I can press 'Command+Space' to revert to default color.
While this does work, I use dark mode on OneNote, and for whatever reason the color comes out completely different when pasted.
Also I find it is much more convenient to use BTT's touchpad commands to change color fluidly. I had it set before with click commands on PDFExpert to change color when I double tap on various edges of the trackpad, for example double tapping on the bottom left of the pad selected Red. However i ran into complications here as well.

So essentially what I have been painstakingly trying to do for the last few weeks, mind you with no coding knowledge, is make a script to put into one of the these applications so, for example, I can double tap on the bottom left trackpad Color well 1 (RED) will become my font color until I double tap the centre of the trackpad to revert to default.
It's not the Macros or Triggers I need help with. Just the Script that can directly access OneNotes color picker.



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