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AppleScript process to copy files from a folder and its subfolders to

Hi all.

I am trying to create an applescript process that will copy all my photos from a folder and all sub-folders to a new single folder and add append the fileCreateDate to the end of the filename. Adding the FileCreateDate will help where I have different photos with the same name. I want all the original photo meta data to remain with the photo.

I have been working with a number of sample routines on from the web but cannot get this to work ..

Prompt for SourceFileFolder Prompt for TargetFileFolder

Then copy all files from SourceFileFolder and subfolders to the TargetFileFolder renaming the file from filename.fileextention to filename-"createdate".fileextension

Any help would be appreciated.

Note that there may be duplicates when running this where the new filename file name exists on the TargetFileFolder .. if this is the case it should be a valid duplicate and either not copy or replace ..

Please help ..

Thanks in advance.



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