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Shopping list with checkboxes (Automator + AppleScript)

Hello guys,

I would like to create in Automator a shopping list with checkboxes like this:

and only the selected checkboxes to be copied to clipboard.

So far I have amended part of sample code that the member "maro" created (

and have this:

use AppleScript version "2.4"
use scripting additions
use framework "Foundation"
use framework "AppKit"

property NSView : a reference to current application's NSView
property NSAlert : a reference to current application's NSAlert
property NSButton : a reference to current application's NSButton
property NSOnState : a reference to current application's NSOnState
property NSOffState : a reference to current application's NSOffState
property NSMutableArray : a reference to current application's NSMutableArray
property NSButtonTypeOnOff : a reference to current application's NSButtonTypeOnOff
property NSButtonTypeSwitch : a reference to current application's NSButtonTypeSwitch
property NSRunningApplication : a reference to current application's NSRunningApplication

property theResult : 0
property returnCode : 0
property bArray : {} --Checkbox button object array

set Basics to {"Bread", "Milk", "Eggs", "Sugar", "Honey"}
set Fruits to {"Apples", "Oranges", "Bananas"}
set Vegetables to {"Potatoes", "Carrots", "Onions", "Tomatoes"}
set Others to {"Item 1"}

set cRes1 to «event LCCBCCKB» given «class CMMS»:"Please select:", «class CSMS»:"Basics", «class CSCS»:1, «class COLL»:Basics, «class COLC»:«constant enumcstd», «class COLR»:«constant enumdata»

set cRes2 to «event LCCBCCKB» given «class CMMS»:"Please select:", «class CSMS»:"Fruits", «class CSCS»:1, «class COLL»:Fruits, «class COLC»:«constant enumcstd», «class COLR»:«constant enumdata»

set cRes3 to «event LCCBCCKB» given «class CMMS»:"Please select:", «class CSMS»:"Vegetables", «class CSCS»:1, «class COLL»:Vegetables, «class COLC»:«constant enumcstd», «class COLR»:«constant enumdata»

on «event LCCBCCKB» given «class CMMS»:mainMes as string : "", «class CSMS»:subMes as string : "", «class CSCS»:cNum as integer : 1, «class COLL»:tList as list : {}, «class COLC»:eNum1 : «constant enumcstd», «class COLR»:eNum2 : «constant enumitmn»
	set en1Str to eNum1 as string
	set en2Str to eNum2 as string
	set paramObj to {myMessage:mainMes, mySubMessage:subMes, mySuppression:"", myColNum:cNum, matrixTitleList:tList, chkType:0}
	my performSelectorOnMainThread:"chooseItemByCheckBox:" withObject:(paramObj) waitUntilDone:true
	set tmpList to theResult as list
	return tmpList
	set tmp2 to {}
	repeat with i in tmpList
		set the end of tmp2 to contents of item i of tList
	end repeat
	return tmp2
end «event LCCBCCKB»

on chooseItemByCheckBox:(paramObj)
	set aMainMes to myMessage of paramObj
	set aSubMes to mySubMessage of paramObj
	set aSubMes1 to mySubMessage of paramObj
	set aMatList to (matrixTitleList of paramObj)
	set aLen to aMatList's |count|()
	set aSupMes to mySuppression of paramObj
	set aCheckBoxType to (chkType of paramObj) as integer
	set aMatList to aMatList as list
	set colNum to (myColNum of paramObj) as integer
	set rowNum to (aLen div colNum) + (aLen mod colNum)
	set aButtonCellWidth to 240
	set aButtonCellHeight to 24
	set viewWidth to aButtonCellWidth * colNum
	set viewHeight to aButtonCellHeight * rowNum
	--define the matrix size where you'll put the radio buttons
	set matrixRect to current application's NSMakeRect(0.0, 0.0, viewWidth, viewHeight)
	set aView to NSView's alloc()'s initWithFrame:(matrixRect)
	set aCount to 1
	set bArray to current application's NSMutableArray's new()
	repeat with y from 1 to rowNum
		repeat with x from 1 to colNum
			if aCount ≤ aLen then
				set j to contents of item aCount of aMatList
				set tmpB to (NSButton's alloc()'s initWithFrame:(current application's NSMakeRect(((x - 1) * aButtonCellWidth), ((aLen - aCount) div colNum) * aButtonCellHeight, aButtonCellWidth, aButtonCellHeight)))
				(tmpB's setTitle:j)
				(tmpB's setShowsBorderOnlyWhileMouseInside:true)
				(tmpB's setTag:(aCount))
				(tmpB's setTarget:me)
				(tmpB's setAction:("clicked:"))
				if aCheckBoxType = 0 then
					(tmpB's setButtonType:(NSButtonTypeSwitch))
					(tmpB's setButtonType:(NSButtonTypeOnOff))
				end if
				(bArray's addObject:tmpB)
			end if
			set aCount to aCount + 1
		end repeat
	end repeat
	--Select the first radio button item
	--(tmpArray's objectAtIndex:0)'s setState:(current application's NSOnState)
	set theResult to {}
	(aView's setSubviews:bArray)
	-- set up alert	
	set theAlert to NSAlert's alloc()'s init()
	tell theAlert
		its setMessageText:aMainMes
		its setInformativeText:aSubMes
		its addButtonWithTitle:"OK"
		its addButtonWithTitle:"Cancel"
		its setAccessoryView:aView
		--for suppression check box ( No use for this case? )
		if (aSupMes as string) is not equal to "" then
			its setShowsSuppressionButton:(true) -- Show "Do not show this message again" checkbox
			set suppressionB to its suppressionButton
			suppressionB's setTitle:(aSupMes)
			its setShowsSuppressionButton:(false)
		end if
	end tell
	-- show alert in modal loop
	NSRunningApplication's currentApplication()'s activateWithOptions:0
	my performSelectorOnMainThread:"doModal:" withObject:(theAlert) waitUntilDone:true
	if (my returnCode as number) = 1001 then error number -128
	set theResult to (tmpArray's valueForKeyPath:"status") as list
end chooseItemByCheckBox:

on doModal:aParam
	set (my returnCode) to aParam's runModal()
end doModal:

on clicked:aParam
	set aTag to (tag of aParam) as integer
	if aTag is not in (theResult as list) then
		set the end of theResult to aTag
		set theResult to my deleteItem:aTag fromList:theResult
	end if
end clicked:

on deleteItem:anItem fromList:theList
	set theArray to NSMutableArray's arrayWithArray:theList
	theArray's removeObject:anItem
	return theArray as list
end deleteItem:fromList:

However I have three different windows popping up instead of a unified one, and also the next "Copy to Clipboard" action gives me the error "The action was not supplied with the required data."

In Script Editor I see that the selected checkboxes are returned in a list like {"Milk", "Honey"}. Can this selection to paste into clipboard like this?


Thank you in advance.


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