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WebKit > fileinfo with selection in finder.

Here is other ASOC Script that also use Takaaki WebKit... thanks...

Its works like this...

Select any file in finder and run the Script. Its will open Web View to display information
about that file on the website fileinfo.com... they have 10.000 file format in there database.


use AppleScript version "2.4"
use framework "Foundation"
use scripting additions
use webLib : script "WebKit Utilities"

tell application "Finder" to set itsSelection to (selection as text)
set aString to current application's NSString's stringWithString:itsSelection
set itsSeparatedByString to aString's componentsSeparatedByString:"."
set targetURL to "https://fileinfo.com/extension/" & (item -1 of itsSeparatedByString) as text
display URL targetURL window size {600, 800}

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