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Webarchive to PDF with html links of applescript://

I have a great solution to archive things with webarchive and specially when
the href link of applescript:// include the script that could be open to Editor offline.

Have anyone knowledge if its possible to convert webarchive to PDF to include html link
of applescript://


1. Load webarchive.
2. Extract the content of href of applescript://
3. Make a new pdf with the content of webarchive
4. Make html link of selected text
5. Attach html link of applescript:// to selected text
6. Repeat for every html link of applescript://
7. Save to new PDF.

The result will be identical of webarchive.

I think I have a Script from Shane that extract text from webarchive.

But I'm not sure if its possible to make html link in PDFKit.

Any thought ??

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