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Lets do example with NSPasteboardNameDrag

Lets do example with NSPasteboard pasteboardWithName and NSPasteboardNameDrag

In this example we will use Finder item and drag that item to Terminal window. To perform
a drag action. If we check the pasteboard (NSPasteboardNameDrag) we will see it has

If we later perform command+c and command+v it will not effect NSPasteboardNameDrag.
In other words its possible to perform a drag action of item and later ask for the URL.
The drag could be a input URL for a function (handler).

We could check the inode from command-line
ex. ls -i <path_to_file> | awk '{print $1}'

Here is example code to test.


set pasteboardDrag to current application's NSPasteboard's pasteboardWithName:(current application's NSPasteboardNameDrag)
set rawData to (current application's NSString's alloc()'s initWithData:(pasteboardDrag's
dataForType:"public.file-url") encoding:(current application's NSUTF8StringEncoding)) as text
-- Get inode
log rawData
set theURL to (current application's |NSURL|'s URLFromPasteboard:pasteboardDrag) as «class furl»

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