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new Outlook 16.47 M1 macMini Applescript fails with "new look"


on a new M1 mac with macOS 11.2.1 or 11.3 beta
Outlook 16.47

Applescripts fails if Outlook has the "new Outlook" flag checked

A simple AppleScript fails


tell application "Microsoft Outlook"
       name of every imap account
   end try
end tell

If I switch back to the "old Look" and uncheck the new design it works again.

Another problem is the Terminal "Osascript myscript.scpt" execution on a new M1 mac Mini.
Outlook is in classic mode and checkbox "new Outlook" is switched off

From a 4th-Dimension app (signed and notarized) I call several Applescripts to get the e-mails from outlook. To execute the scripts, I call a terminal command "Osascript myscript.scpt"
On the M1 mac the line "set theBody to plain text content of currentMessage" fails on 5-10% of the emails and delays the execution to several minutes.

But If I open the script with the AppleScript Editor, then it works without errors. The Intel macs from 10.14.x - 11.3 has no problems with the mentioned line from the script.


   tell application "Microsoft Outlook"
       set messageIDSpecifier to 440
       set currentMessage to message id messageIDSpecifier
       set theBody to plain text content of currentMessage
       return "<mybody>" & theBody & "</mybody>"
   end tell

Maybe MS reads this forum too.

Thanks Armin

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Re: new Outlook 16.47 M1 macMini Applescript fails with "new look"

it also not see exchange accounts so you can't set the account with script to a exchange account with the new Outlook, I report it to the Excel/Outlook Mac team so I hope the pick it up

Ron de Bruin Excel Automation



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