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This topic is about using brew in Monterey

As many users already know is that Apple are dedicated to make user experience of digital age to become more secure. And in most cases its a good approach in a world that do harm to gain a purpose.

This topic is about using brew in Monterey.

In Monterey the package is installed in /opt/homebrew

Its means to install brew on your computer you need administrator access.

On my computer I have 2 account (administrator and local user without administrator access)
I always login as local user and use su command to change account in terminal.

su <admin_account>
brew install <package_name>
You exit with the command exit

To open
su <admin_account> in Terminal

You have open as administrator in Terminal and are able to install/upgrade package
The only thing you need to do for any local user without administrator access to set the variable PATH to point to /opt/homebrew/bin

To change write access of directory to be able to install on local user account is not the best approach specially when its outside the home directory.

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