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Text-to-Speech in Monterey

Hi all,

It looks like things have changed recently for TTS.

I am trying this inside of FileMaker Pro v19. Below does work in script editor

now you would write something like:

say "Just what do you think you're doing Dave?" using "Alex" speaking rate 140 pitch 42 modulation 60

New - this speaking rate does seem to work well.

The problem is the pitch and modulation controls do not seem to be working well for me with varied voices.

Q: Is there some thing better to control the pitch and modulation inside of FileMaker Pro?

Update : I think my problem is with the RANGES of pitch maybe per voice - if the pitch number is too low or hi - it has error.

Q: So is there some way to see the pitch range (from xx to xx...) of each Mac Voice like Alex and Susan etc? … kText.html

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