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#1 2003-02-26 10:32:20 pm

Steve Abrahall
From:: Sydney Australia
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error -1708


I'm Just getting started in AS and I have a Very simple little app that is a button in a main window and this script

on clicked
    tell application "Terminal"
        do script "pinger_script"
    end tell
end clicked

When I click on the button the script works but when I launch the application I get

Apple Script Error -17708

I must be doing something wrong!



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#2 2003-02-27 02:20:40 am

From:: Malasaña, Madrid
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Re: error -1708

There is no more code in your script? Then, perhaps the error is in the result returned by the Terminal after a failed execution of "do script"? As long as I know, to execute ok that script, you must have a executable shell script called "pinger_script" within the current directory (if none, my default directory is "~/").
When executed from a script editor, it returns several empty paragraphs as result. Perhaps an AStudio app receives this as an execution error...



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