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Applescript Studio Labeling Issue

I am using XCode 3.2.6 and am having a minor, but annoying, problem. If anyone can give me guidance, I would appreciate it.

While writing code, XCode wants to change one of my labels to something I don't want to use. I suspect it is because I used this (wrong) label initially. Here is what I am getting at:

Suppose the label I want to use is "TheLable"

I type, for example, "Set TheLable to 10"

After I save the file, it changes my label to "Set theLable to 10"
--Note the lower case "t" in "theLabel"

I can't figure out how to get this to stop. Can anyone help out?



#2 2011-03-26 09:03:58 pm

DJ Bazzie Wazzie
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Re: Applescript Studio Labeling Issue

Well this is one of the annoying things about applescript. The reason applescript does this is to save you from mistyping so the first variable name out of applescritp's stack is also the case model of all next same variable names . So what you need to do is, restart the computer, open a new project or new script in script editor. then make a variable with the syntax you like and then run the script. Now you can open you project and it should be all looking oke....

But the guidelines of apple tells you that every variable name should start with a lower case to avoid conflict with system variables. So accidental xcode made it al work right for you.



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