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#1 2003-04-21 05:06:46 am

Jean-Baptiste LE STANG
From:: Paris
Registered: 2002-11-20
Posts: 167

initing a Text Viex in a non visible tab?

I've a tab view with 3 tabs. IN each of them i've a text view but I cannot set the contents of those who are not visible fro the user in the 'on wawke from nib' event . THe only one that is inited without problem is the one that is visble. Any help appreciated.

Jean-Baptiste LE STANG



#2 2003-04-21 07:51:32 am

T.J. Mahaffey
From:: Arkansas, USA
Registered: 2002-11-20
Posts: 238

Re: initing a Text Viex in a non visible tab?

Please post your code. We'll be in a much better position to help if we can see what's going wrong.




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