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IKImageBrowserView for ASOC

Hi All!

I'd like to learn how to inplement an Image Browser using AppleScriptObjC.  I've been trying to follow the Image Kit programming guide, but I'm having a difficult time translating the cocoa bindings and methods over to an applescript-cocoa app.  I imagine this is something ASOC'ers have done before, but I haven't found any examples or threads on this topic.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!




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Re: IKImageBrowserView for ASOC


Here is a controller script to get you started. I have just pulled this out of an old ASOC project where I was experimenting. I think this is the project on my website here. THImage is the project you require.

All the best



script THBrowserController
   property parent : class "NSObject"
   property NSNotFound : 2.147483647E+9
   property NSOKButton : 1
   property pTabView : missing value
   property pBrowserTab : 0
   property pViewerTab : 1
   property pViewerController : missing value
   property pImageBrowser : missing value
   property pAddFilesButton : missing value
   property pImageSizeSlider : missing value
   property pImageView : missing value
   property pImages : missing value
   property pImage : missing value
   property pImportedImages : missing value
   on init()
       continue init()
       set pImages to current application's class "NSMutableArray"'s arrayWithCapacity_(10)
       set pImportedImages to current application's class "NSMutableArray"'s arrayWithCapacity_(10)
       return me
   end init
   on awakeFromNib()
       pImageBrowser's setDelegate_(me)
       pImageBrowser's setDraggingDestinationDelegate_(me)
       pImageBrowser's setDataSource_(me)
   end awakeFromNib
   on zoomSliderDidChange_(sender)
       pImageBrowser's setZoomValue_(sender's floatValue())
       pImageBrowser's setNeedsDisplay_(true)
   end zoomSliderDidChange_
   on addFiles_(sender)
       set tPanel to current application's class "NSOpenPanel"'s openPanel()
       tPanel's setCanChooseDirectories_(true)
       tPanel's setCanChooseFiles_(true)
       tPanel's setAllowsMultipleSelection_(true)
       tPanel's setAllowedFileTypes_(current application's class "NSImage"'s imageUnfilteredTypes())
       if tPanel's runModal() = NSOKButton then
           set tDir to tPanel's filenames()'s objectAtIndex_(0)
           set tDefaultManager to current application's class "NSFileManager"'s defaultManager()
           set tAttribs to tDefaultManager's attributesOfItemAtPath_error_(tDir, missing value)
           set tFileType to tAttribs's objectForKey_("NSFileType") as string
           if tFileType = "NSFileTypeDirectory" then
               addImagesWithPaths_(tPanel's filenames())
           end if
       end if
       pImageBrowser's setZoomValue_(0.5)
       pImageSizeSlider's setFloatValue_(0.5)
   end addFiles_
   on addFolderOfFiles_(tDir)
       set tFileList to current application's class "NSFileManager"'s defaultManager's contentsOfDirectoryAtPath_error_(tDir, missing value)
       set tFilepaths to tDir's stringsByAppendingPaths_(tFileList)
   end addFolderOfFiles_
   on addImagesWithPaths_(tFilepaths)
       set tImageCount to tFilepaths's |count|()
       if tImageCount > 0 then
           repeat with n from 0 to tImageCount - 1
               my addAnImageWithPath_(tFilepaths's objectAtIndex_(n))
           end repeat
           my updateDatasource()
       end if
   end addImagesWithPaths_
   on addAnImageWithPath_(tPath)
       set tImageObject to current application's class "THImageObject"'s alloc's init()
       tImageObject's setPath_(tPath)
       pImportedImages's addObject_(tImageObject)
   end addAnImageWithPath_
   on updateDatasource()
       pImages's addObjectsFromArray_(pImportedImages)
       pImportedImages's removeAllObjects()
       pImageBrowser's reloadData()
       pImageBrowser's setNeedsDisplay_(true)
   end updateDatasource
   on numberOfItemsInImageBrowser_(tView)
       set tc to pImages's |count|() as number
       return pImages's |count|()
   end numberOfItemsInImageBrowser_
   on imageBrowser_itemAtIndex_(tView, tIndex)
       return pImages's objectAtIndex_(tIndex)
   end imageBrowser_itemAtIndex_
   on imageBrowser_removeItemsAtIndexes_(tView, tIndexes)
       tView's removeItemsAtIndexes_(tIndexes)
   end imageBrowser_removeItemsAtIndexes_
   on imageBrowser_moveItemsAtIndexes_toIndex_(tView, tIndexes, tDestinationIndex)
       set tTemporaryArray to current application's class "NSMutableArray"'s alloc's init()
       set tIndex to indexes's lastIndex
       repeat while tIndex ≤ NSNotFound
           set tIndex to indexes's indexLessThanIndex_(tIndex)
           if tIndex < tDestinationIndex then
               set tDestinationIndex to tDestinationIndex - 1
           end if
           set tObj to pImages's objectAtIndex_(tIndex)
           tTemporaryArray's addObject_(tObj)
           pImages's removeObjectAtIndex_(tIndex)
       end repeat
       set tArrayCount to tTemporaryArray's |count|()
       repeat with tIndex from 0 to tArrayCount - 1
           pImages's insertObject_atIndex_(tTemporaryArray's objectAtIndex_(tIndex), tDestinationIndex)
       end repeat
       return true
   end imageBrowser_moveItemsAtIndexes_toIndex_
   on imageBrowser_cellWasDoubleClickedAtIndex_(aBrowser, tIndex)
       set tImageObject to pImages's objectAtIndex_(tIndex)
       set tImagePath to tImageObject's imageRepresentation()
       pImageView's setImageWithPath_(tImagePath)
       pTabView's selectTabViewItemAtIndex_(pViewerTab)
   end imageBrowser_cellWasDoubleClickedAtIndex_
   on imageBrowserSelectionDidChange_(aBrowser)
   end imageBrowserSelectionDidChange_
   on numberOfImages()
       set tNumOfImages to pImages's |count|()
       return tNumOfImages
   end numberOfImages
   on currentImage()
       set tIndexSet to pImageBrowser's selectionIndexes()
       return tIndexSet's firstIndex()
   end currentImage
   on setCurrentImage_(tCurrentImage)
       set tIndexSet to current application's class "NSIndexSet"'s indexSetWithIndex_(tCurrentImage)
       pImageBrowser's setSelectionIndexes_byExtendingSelection_(tIndexSet, false)
   end setCurrentImage_
   on imageURL_(tIndex)
       set tImageObject to pImages's objectAtIndex_(tIndex)
       set tImagePath to tImageObject's imageRepresentation()
       return current application's class "NSURL"'s fileURLWithPath_(tImagePath)
   end imageURL_
   on imagePath_(tIndex)
       set tImageObject to pImages's objectAtIndex_(tIndex)
       set tImagePath to tImageObject's imageRepresentation()
       return tImagePath
   end imagePath_
   on scrollBrowserToVisible_(tIndex)
       pImageBrowser's scrollIndexToVisible_(tIndex)
   end scrollBrowserToVisible_
end script



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Re: IKImageBrowserView for ASOC

I have the same question, I'd love to inspect the link you posted tellboy because I don't quite understand how to bind the properties in your script to my interface. Unfortunately though your link is no longer active, has it been reposted anywhere else?





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