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#1 2012-04-06 10:17:28 pm

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Getting 4D programme to Quit THEN click "OK" confirmation button

Dear All,

I really struggle with AppleScript and Automator.  I read the examples left by others and find "I am missing a heap of information on their suggestions to help".  I type in exactly what is there (even copy and pasting only changing the unique names) and still get no where.

This is with 10.7 which seems to have changed everything again.  I can't use the "Watch Me Do" as it refuses to record anything (or only partially record the actions when it has itself deemed it suitable to work) any more and don't understand why (Universal Access is set for Enable access for assistive devices and is ticked ON).

Surely asking a programme made in 4D database (Genie) should be able to follow a couple of actions.

1) Ask programme to Quit (called "Genie")

2) Click in a box asking "how many  minutes before shut down" with the number "0" (even if this can't be done, then I will live with the 10 minute default).

3) Clicking the OK box to confirm.

I have tinkered for over 10 hours trying to get this to work and although it sounds easy to do, not having the recording feature work any more (it's REALLY random if it does record - more likely than not nothing will show where it should record) has stumped me.

The Genie programme also might be an issue when it appears to change it's idea of being called "Genie" until the dialogue box comes up and it decides NOT to be Genie any more but "4D Server" - but changing  the script to such doesn't find "4D Server" at that point.

Completely confused and feeling I'm going no where fast with AppleScript and Automator.



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