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#1 2010-09-15 12:29:09 pm

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Convert .ICO file to Image File (.jpeg, .tif, etc.)

I had previously assembled an Automator workflow that created an image file (in this case a PNG) from a .ICO file. The Automator workflow included the following actions:

1. Get Folder Contents
2. Change Type of Images
3. Add Thumbnail Icon to Image Files
4. Create Dated Folder (This is to store the converted image files)

This workflow worked fine before I upgraded to Snow Leopard. Now when I try to run the workflow I get an error that says "The action was not supplied with the required data."

Is there an existing Automator action that will work for my needs? or a way to tweek my existing workflow?

Thanks for your help. smile



#2 2013-03-03 11:45:45 pm

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Re: Convert .ICO file to Image File (.jpeg, .tif, etc.)

This works.

You can change it to a service too.

Let me know.





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