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Xcode project & Script Libraries

My apologies if this is already asked before, but I did search and then could not find it.

Trying to create my script in Xcode and part of it want to use Script Libraries. Normally I would thus put the script library in Resources\Script Libraries and now I'm trying to figure out how to do this through Xcode.

I was able to add a new "file" and put my code in it. Also able to add it for compiling. But now when I compile the main piece fails saying : Can't get script "<script name>".
My best guess is cause it is not in the "Script Libraries" under resources but the compiled version probably ends up under Resources itself.

So how would I do this?

Appreciate any assistance.



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Shane Stanley
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Re: Xcode project & Script Libraries

Do it outside Xcode. Make a new folder in the Finder called Script Libraries, save your compiled library files to it, then drag the folder to your project. For compiling, you probably also need to put a copy in ~/Library/Script Libraries/.

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