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Duplicate Firing of `active chat message received` handler

Well, for the first time in I don't know how long, … ed-handler seems to have failed me, so I'm hoping someone here is able to help me out.

I'm writing an AppleScript to execute a handler when receives a message (under El Capitan). The script is being saved to `~/Library/Application\ Scripts/` and is set in the Messages preferences to be the AppleScript handler.

When Messages is the frontmost application and a message is received, the `active chat message received` handler is fired twice. This doesn't seem to be a problem when Messages is in the background (received messages then fire `message received`, and that handler only once). I know which handler is fired because the portion that deals with the handlers looks like this:


using terms from application "Messages"
on message received _msg from _sender for _chat with _text_desc
if DEBUG then display dialog "message received"
end message received
on chat room message received _msg from _sender for _chat with _text_desc
if DEBUG then display dialog "chat room message received"
end chat room message received
on active chat message received _msg from _sender for _chat with _text_desc
if DEBUG then display dialog "active chat message received"
end active chat message received

-- More handlers below, mostly like the above or empty

end using terms from

I set a `DEBUG` property to `true` and can see which handler gets fired.

I've tried working around this by writing a temporary file (using the UUID of the `_sender`). The `message_received` handler checks for the existence of the file and is supposed to do nothing if it's present. But this hasn't worked, even with random delays. I tried extending the length of the random delays, but this brings up errors about the AppleScript running for more than 10 seconds, even when enclosing the code within a `with timeout of` block.

Regardless of Apple's apparent support for executing AppleScripts in response to Messages events, perhaps I should look at some other mechanism to support this request from the client. I'm open to ideas.

Model: MacBook Pro 17" Mid-2012
Browser: Safari 601.3.9
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.10)

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