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Perform AppleScript and Send Event fails in Filemaker

I've run into a brick wall. I spent abuncha time prepping this script in the Editor only to find it won't run in Filemaker. Arghh!

1. I have a script that posts Filemaker data to Calendar. It works fine in the Script Editor so I pasted it into a FM "Perform AppleScript" script step and it crashes. It fails when asked to access a Calendar event like the following. It will run in your Editor, I'm asking if someone could open it in Filemaker:


tell application "Calendar" to set numEvents to the number of events in calendar "TEST"

Tell app “Calendar” and tell calendar “TEST” do not generate an error. It at least acts as if it has found the calendar. It’s getting the event info that generates a 1743 error which I understand to be a system issue, but there’s no problem running it through the Editor.

Any ideas, workarounds, anything?

2. I can’t Send Event any more. “Can’t find application “Applet” error. Has anyone run into this?

• I had neither of these issues in FM 12 and Yosemite. Now I'm in FM 14.0.3 and Sierra.

Thanks for any help!

Model: MacBook Pro
AppleScript: 2.5
Browser: Safari 602.4.8
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.10)



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Yvan Koenig
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Re: Perform AppleScript and Send Event fails in Filemaker

Is it this single script which fails or are others behaving the same when called from FileMaker ?

If others behave wrongly too, it may be that FileMaker isn't given permission to do that thru the Security prefpane.

Yvan KOENIG running Sierra 10.12.4 in French (VALLAURIS, France) dimanche 9 avril 2017 18:42:46



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