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Duplicate a window in Finder to ease moving of files


I have a rather large and complex file structure due to years of accumulated files and frequent reconfiguration.  I have often needed to move files from one folder to another, simple house cleaning and file organization.  I don't need a script to move the files per se, but rather a script that will recognize the path of the open Finder window and then open another window with the same path so that I can then proceed to just tweak the path of either of the open windows by hand and then drag and drop files as needed for a one-time file placement.  At present it is tedious to open a new Finder window and then navigate it to a matching path just to drag and drop a few files. I hope this is clear.  If anyone needs further clarification, please let me know.

Many thanks.

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Marc Anthony
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Re: Duplicate a window in Finder to ease moving of files

Hi. This should work:


tell application "Finder" to set (make Finder window)'s target to (Finder window 1's target) as text



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Nigel Garvey
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Re: Duplicate a window in Finder to ease moving of files

So should this:


tell application "Finder" to make new Finder window to (get Finder window 1's target)




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Re: Duplicate a window in Finder to ease moving of files

A reasonably fast UI way to handle it -

Right-click on the folder icon in the title bar. This pops up a drop-down list of the file path.

Hold command down while clicking the folder immediately above the one you're in. This will open the parent to your current folder in a new tab to the right of the current folder.

Then you just need to go down one level in that folder to get two copies of the current folder.

A script is better if you're doing this all the time, but I thought I'd point out the reasonably fast Finder way to bypass navigating long hierarchies twice.

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