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Terry Wedd
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Rename folder from clipboard

Hi and thanks in advance.

I have a workflow to move a folder structure to a static location, find and move a subfolder, rename the subfolder then  create and send an email. It consists of the following steps:

Get Selected Finder Items (Folder Structure)
Move Finder Items (to a Static Location)
Get Folder Contents
Filter Finder Items (Subfolder with static name)
Copy Finder Items (to a static Dropbox Shared Folder)
Rename Finder Items: Name Single Item
New Mail Message (Ignores Input)

This works well but requires a manual rename and subject line in the email, both of which are the name of the parent folder. I have an Applescript that copies the parent folder name to the clipboard but am having trouble finding one to rename the extracted subfolder.

Ideally I would like the subfolder to be renamed and the email subject line filled from the clipboard but would be happy with just the copied folder renamed.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.





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