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in FilemakerPro 13 applescript opens and shows a file in finder

How can I insert an applescript in FileMakerPro 13 which would pick up a video file path and open it in finder hiding the Filemaker window?
All my video files are in a "path field" with this format:
/Volumes/SHOWDOW_2017/SYnch Tests/27  -  17072017/Video 17072017/
Thanks and regards

Browser: Safari 537.36
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.10.5)

Thanks for your reply and time

What I was asking is not to have Quicktime to open the file, although  this is what people normally do, I simply hope to tell FileMaker to activate and display a file in the folder where is located.

Once the finder displays the file I will do what I need which varies from deleting it, to drop it in some other apps and more.

FMP has a command "Open URL" which opens files with their selected apps. SO txt will be "Textwrangler" jpg will be preview and so on. But I simply need to see it in a Finder window.

I think is a simple question: but the format of the path in the Filemaker field is always as I display in the main question, but I don't know how to convert the way Filemaker write files Paths to a format which the finder will recognise to then simply select and highlight it opening the folder where the file is located.
The FileMaker path is as follows
/Volumes/SHOWDOW_2017/SYnch Tests/27  -  17072017/Video 17072017/_DSC9348.MOV

where the last chunk (_DSC9348.MOV) will change according to the record I select to perform the FMP script which should be a calculated script

Thanks again

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Re: in FilemakerPro 13 applescript opens and shows a file in finder


Not sure what you're trying to do with the video file and the Finder. Normally you might address the video player software, using something like:


tell application "QuickTime Player 7"
   open file "HD:folder:folder:movie.mp4"
end tell

You should be able to hide Filemaker Pro with something like:


tell application "Finder"
   set the visible of (process "FileMaker Pro") to false
end tell



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Re: in FilemakerPro 13 applescript opens and shows a file in finder

Thanks, however my intention is not to use Scripteditor as such but rather to use FILMAKER PRO 13 scripts which allow to insert APPLESCRIPTS.
Also FMP allows already to ee Quiktime media in any container file quite easily already
I need simply to insert and applescript which will refer to the Path field and display the file in the finder window where the file is located: pretty much as it happens in any find action in the finder.
The applescript should read the path and allow the various changes in that FMP field, and locate the file where it is.
Once displayed, I will then do a variety of different things I need to do such as delete it, or drop it in another app for additional work, move it to another folder and more ....
I am sure is quite simple but I am unable to do it
Thanks for any help

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