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THANK YOU MacScripters!!!

Sorry for being a bit off topic, I just had to tank all members of this brilliant forum.
I have been away from apple scripting for a while, but now the company salutes every automation I can make.
This time I didn't even have to ask any question here, I did a pretty advanced ID-script by just making a few searches in the forums.
I will hang around here a lot now, and hope I can help someone (I am not a guru, but starting to get a lot of experience). wink



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DJ Bazzie Wazzie
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Re: THANK YOU MacScripters!!!


Sorry for being a bit off topic, I just had to tank all members of this

@admins: Maybe an idea to shut down the broken forums here on MS and replace them with an AppleScript-Lounge or something for these kind of topics.



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Adam Bell
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Re: THANK YOU MacScripters!!!

Neither the Admin (me sort of, but at 81 I'm not very active) nor the Moderator (Nigel Garvey) have access to the code for this site which belongs to and is both controlled and hosted by Ray Barber who founded it. He has the only access to the guts of the site and pays to host it out of other of his many activities, so might not be too enthused to expand it.

If you search for him, you'll find his link.

Mac mini running 10.14.6, 2011 27" iMac as display.



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