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Save mail message in file .eml

Hi I just entered the forum and I apologize in advance for the question maybe a little stupid, especially for the more experienced.

And I apologize for my lack of experience with Applescript, which is mainly based on the use of tutorial code

I'm trying to create an automatism to save emails in .eml format.

In practice I would like to insert a rule inside the MAIL program to select a message and launch a script that can save the message in .eml format in a given path

I tried to do as described in this discussion "" but it does not work does not save messages

Do you think it's possible? my operating system and 10.11.6

many thanks in advance

Model: Mac pro
Browser: Safari 605.1.15
Operating System: macOS 10.11

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Re: Save mail message in file .eml

You are using the Mail app, right? Just making sure.

how did i get here i am not gud with computr



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