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No such file


This line was working until yesterday:


tell me to set theResult to (do shell script "fgrep " & search's quoted form & space & MeterReadingsCSV) -- extract string

'search' contains a date string, MeterReadingsCSV contains the path.  The shared folder 'config' is accessible.

Today it is throwing this error:


tell current application
   do shell script "fgrep '2020 Jul 30' /Volumes/config/www/MeterReadings.csv"
       --> error "fgrep: /Volumes/config/www/MeterReadings.csv: No such file or directory" number 2

No idea what is causing this.
Model: iMac
AppleScript: 2.7
Browser: Brave Version 1.11.101 Chromium: 84.0.4147.89 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Operating System: macOS 10.14

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Yvan Koenig
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Re: No such file

May you check the validity of your posix path ?

Here, POSIX file "/Volumes/config/www/MeterReadings.csv"
return : file "SSD 1000:Volumes:config:www:MeterReadings.csv"
which is a curious path.

Yvan KOENIG running High Sierra 10.13.6 in French (VALLAURIS, France) samedi 1 aout 2020 11:09:54



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