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AppleScript partially matched string

Hi All,

I'm Javascript developer and is it possible to match the string partially using applescript.

For Ex:

In javascript

Using IndexOf to match the text in the string partially. Could anyone please tell how to find the partially matched text in the string using applescript.


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Re: AppleScript partially matched string

I'm not sure I understood you correctly. If you need to find the index of some substring in some text, then here is the AppleScript equivalent:


set aString to "AppleScript partially matched string"
set subString to "partially matched string"

return offset of subString in aString

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Re: AppleScript partially matched string

I was also a bit uncertain as to the meaning of the term "partially matched text in the string". However, I did a Google search and Javascript string indexOf() is defined as:

The indexOf() method returns the position of the first occurrence of a specified value in a string.
The indexOf() method returns -1 if the value is not found.
The indexOf() method is case sensitive.

So, KniazidisR's answer is entirely correct. Taking that one step further, there are a few differences in that the offset command:

* is not case sensitive but that is easily changed with a considering-case statement;
* does not have a start parameter but that can be done with 'text [start number] thru -1 of theString'; and
* returns 0 instead of -1 if a match is not found.

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Re: AppleScript partially matched string

If your familiar with RegEx.  You can use ASObjC and NSRegularExpression.

Shane also has a Bridged AS Library … brary/2018



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