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Ventura System Preferences Scripts


With the new structuring of the Ventura version, the scripts that were valid for configuring System Preferences modules (now with a different name) currently no longer work and the very useful help found in MacScripter on this matter, are now obsolete.

I have great confusion to use in the scripts the terms used for the manipulatable elements in System Preferences (window, pane, anchor, table, row, scroll area, splitter group, tab group, static text, UI element, checkbox, button, radio button, etc.) and even in the concept of some of them.

I would appreciate references, both in MacScripter and in other sources, to teach me the necessary knowledge to solve the doubts I have about the mentioned elements and, above all, the use of them to be able to correct and redo the old System Preferences scripts that have stopped working, which are almost all of them.

Thanks in advance for any kind of help.



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