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AppleEvent timed out error for Automater..?

From reading around the net getting an "AppleEvent timed out. (-1712)" dosen't seem like a big deal.. All I need to do is change the applescript wait from the default 2min to 30min or something.. However, in Automater I can't see anywhere to do this simply.. This is what i'm trying to do:

- folder full of MP3's on my desktop
- import into ITunes while converting to AAC
- place these converted items into ITunes Playlist I pickout

I does the convert fine, but never gets to stage two of because it dies during the converting process. Also, when I try to select a playlist it takes ages for the darn playlists to show and any adjustment I make to that particular task, it takes again.. Someone else reported this a problem too.. This I could live with, but how do I add a longer wait in automater.. Or am I out of luck and have to do text scripting instead..? Any tips?


Model: Mac Mini 1.42ghz
Browser: Safari 412
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.4)



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